Align and Distribute in Photoshop

For this tutorial, I am going to show you how easy it is to align and distribute your elements on your digital scrapbook layout. I will be using Photoshop CS4 but you can easily follow along in PSE as well. This trick can be very useful when making clusters, borders, patterns, brushes, etc…

Let’s begin by having your elements that needs to be aligned open in your canvas.

Align and Distribute in PS Tutorial

First, align in a straight line by selecting the Move Tool located in the Tools Palette down the left-hand side. Hold the shift key down and click on each item you want to align in the Layers Palette.

Align & Distribute Tutorial

On the Options Toolbar across the top is here you will find the Alignment Icons. You have the option to align your elements horizontal, vertical, top, bottom, right or left. If you move your mouse over them, it tells you what they are. The first three icon buttons are vertical alignment (top edges, center, and bottom edges) and the last three are horizontal alignment (left edge, center, right edge).

Alignment Icons on Options Toolbar

For my image, I chose to align vertical in the center. Instead of using the Option Bar, you can go to Layers>Align>Vertical Centers to achieve the same thing.

Horizontal Center Alignment

Looking at the Options Bar again, the next group of buttons are the Distribute icons. The first three are vertical distribution, and the next 3 are horizontal distribution.

Distribution Tools

For my image, I chose to distribute evenly. Instead of the Option Bar, you can go to Layers>Distribute>Distribute Horizontal Center.

Align & Distribute Elements Evenly

Now your elements are nicely aligned and distributed as you want them!

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  1. Rachel NC says:

    :) I was able to use this tip with my brads in my Use It All challenge LO! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Heather Oliver says:

    Looks easy – now all I need is Photoshop! For now PSP will have to do for me.

  3. JeannieK says:

    Thanks for the tutorial Karen. It does work in PSE8, but the buttons are under a drop down menu – very easy to locate and use. Can’t believe I’ve never used the Distribute section before!! I will from now on! Thank you for my “new” item learned today. :)

  4. Connie Holso says:

    My PSE 7 is configured a little differently but I found everything and was able to do this. You can see my results in the Use It All gallery. I love that little kit too. So girly!

  5. makeyesup says:

    Sounds easy enough, have to see what I can do in PSE8. thanks.

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