Directions to use the Organizing Styles

The following files & instructions will create categories to organize your digital scrapbooking kits. You can use as is, edit them, delete them or rearrange them. The best time to use the styles is right from the very beginning before you organize. I would highly recommend picking one style and customizing that one rather than using […]

Change the Sample Text

ACDSee can change the sample text of your font. Want to know how? Go to Tools | Plug-in Settings… Select ID_Font.apl & click Properties Type in your text into the Sample Text Box You can also change the background of your font, the color of font, the size of your font and spacing of your […]

Organizing your Alphabets


… with ACDSee Photo Manager There are 2 methods available for organizing your alphabets. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Use the one you feel most comfortable with Why not treat them like any other element? The main reason is this: when searching for alphabets you only really want to see a sample of the […]

Getting Started with ACDSee Photo Manager

Screen shot 2011-11-22 at 10.01.30 PM

So how do I get started? If you want a more detailed explanation about organizing digital collections head to the end of this document on page 7. If you want to jump in and get started then continue on here. I would like to mention that ACDSee Photo Manager has many panes or windows. It […]

Use Uninstalled Fonts

Here is the other font tip that I alluded too! This will allow you to use your fonts inside your photo editor with even installing the font. All you have to do is view them in Photo Manager and then open your editor. Users that this has been successful for have been using: ACDSee Photo […]

Selecting Folders & Subfolders in ACDSee


A fellow user over on the ACDSee Public forum, shared this tip with me. This tip is used in the Folders Pane inside ACDSee Photo Manager to quickly expand out all the folders & subfolders and select all the folders & subfolders very quickly. Enjoy! In the Folders Pane, click on the folder you wish […]

Customize your Thumbnails


Go under Tools | Options, expand File List, click Thumbnail Info, click Choose Thumbnail Info. In this first example I have added Author. Click on ACDDatabase on the left to expand it out, click in the Author box, and click Add. Click OK, and OK again. And this is what you see: If you want […]

How to Search using Kit Name


In this example, I will search for my kit “Crushed Banana” Open your search pane View | Search Click on Add… in the Properties section. Expand ACD Database and Select Caption Now click in the <click to set>, type in the name of your kit. In my example, I type “Crushed Banana”. Now click Start at the bottom and it will show […]

How to Search using Designer Name & Category


To search for a particular designer, bring up the organize pane View | Organize In the Organize pane, find the Auto Categories section, click on Photo Properties to expand, click on Author to expand select desired designer select the desired category. For example, I have a category called paper. So in this example, it will bring […]

How to Search using Designer Name


To search for a particular designer, bring up the organize pane View | Organize In the Organize pane, find the Auto Categories section, click on Photo Properties to expand, click on Author to expand Select desired designer    Used with permission from Heidi at