Photo Technique Challenge

I took a peek at the Photo Challenge at SNP, and totally had my daughter’s school photos in mind! When we returned to Indiana for my daughter’s grandmas’ funeral, I took my 16yo out for our School Photo Shoot. We have been doing our own photo shoots since we started homeschooling seven years ago. This year we chose to do a railroad and a graveyard. {I know, right?!?}. My daughter is fascinated with graveyards, but not in a sick kind of way, but is very intrigued at the history you can find in them. Being a family genealogist, we have spent our share of time rubbing tombstones, checking out the symbols and then looking them up; not to mention looking at the death date by in the 1800′s to early 1900′s and think about the events that happened in the area during that time ie… Civil War, Broiler blowing up, train accident, etc…. so, no wonder my daughter likes graveyards!! But, you know what…. you wouldn’t find her in one after dark, LOL.

On with the challenge…. the challenge is using “Group with Previous” command that CS no longer has. So I done the technique as a clipping mask.


Photo Technique Challenge

This is what you do:

Grab the first photo as your “background”. It works best if horizontal photo. Bring in the second photo {vertical works best}. Insert a blank layer between the two photos. Take the top photo (the second one you brought into your play area) and apply the clipping mask to it. The second photo should disappear.

Open the Gradient Tool and be sure to click on the “black to transparent” option and on the second layer drag the gradient tool until you have your photo show up. Tip: I drug once and then used my transform layer to stretch and move it to the right place so the photo would show up.

Great technique, you should go check it out!

I played just a little bit more with my photo, what do you think?

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  1. Robinsismai says:

    This is cool! I’m going to have to try it!

  2. this came out awesome!

  3. Dannethia says:

    Great technique. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun. Will be checking it out!

  5. LOVE IT! This is a great technique…I can see lots of uses for it and now I am thinking, I could use those not quite perfect (ie slightly out of focus) shots that are too good to toss as the distant image and the crisp ones for the focal one. THANKS for the inspiration. I have got to do this!

  6. Thanks for sharing this technique. Will have to try it. Funny how genealogy makes us look at graveyards a bit differently! I too enjoy looking at the symbols on the old stones as they tell another story about the person.

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