Tutorial: Themed Patterned Paper

Using Elements to Make Patterned Papers in Photoshop

Open a new document 400px by 400px, RGB 8bit, with a transparent background (instructions above). Tip: When making seamless patterns, you need to use the same width as the height.

I am using an image from my newest kit, “Fairy Tales & Myths”. Knowing that my image is larger than the New Document for the pattern, I will need to “downsize” it. I opened my image and then went to Image > Image size. The first drop down window, change it to percent and add in 25 for 25%. This will shrink it down tremendously so I use it for my pattern that I am making.

Then, I duplicated it with the “destination” (drop down window) being the new document I just created. TIP: After duplicating go back to your image file and go Edit > Step Backward to put it back to normal size. In fact, go ahead and close the image to prevent any “accidents”.

Sometimes, the image that was just imported into the New Document, is too large! If so, you will need to downsize it more. In the New Document, click on the Move Tool to get the abounding box with the tiny squares in the corner. Mouse click and hold on the top right imageand drag to the left bottom corner while holding down the shift key. The shift key keeps the image in proportion. Place the image in the center of the document.

Use guides to help center it. View > New Guide

Type in 50% for horizontal and 50% for vertical and you will center guides with no math skills needed (hehehe).

Now lets offset the pattern for some REAL fun!! Go to Filter > Other > Offset. Knowing that my document is 400px by 400px, I will want to put in 200 pixels right and 200 pixels left. Hint: It will always by half of the original size of document. Do you see how it automatically divided my image? isn’t that cool?!?

There is a lot of “empty” space. So I am going to “fill in the gaps” with either words or another image. In my case, it will by another image. Then when I am done, I go to Edit > Define Pattern.

That’s it. Now, lets take a look to see how it turned out.

Create a new document, this time a 12″x 12″, 300 dpi.

At the bottom of the Layer Palette of the new 12×12 document, click on the “create a new fill or adjustment layer” (look for 1/2 black/1/2 white circle) and then click “Pattern”. The last pattern you just created will fill the document. Then, add a new layer to give it a background paper, add texture and there you go…. a themed pattern paper!!

Be sure to save it. Go to File > Save As and name it what you want.

Oh, here is how mine turned out:

I saved this as webview for viewing purposes only.

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  1. Your page is stunning! I have been wtnaing to try scrapbooking the digital way but have no clue where to begin.Thank you for making the tutorial. I am going to print it out.Thanks Becky.Mary

  2. Rachel NC says:

    That is really cool! Maybe I should stop reading all of these awesome tutorials for awhile- I have been playing on PSE for waaaayy too many hours each night trying out these new things! (Uh, yeah, like i am going to skip ANY of these lol)

    • You’ve been bit, girl!! LOL, that means your addicted!!! I was the same way when I first started…. but I couldn’t find one spot that contained everything I was looking for. Hence, the reason for my website was born!! I have been doing this for three years, and I think my enjoyment really comes from sharing with others and not in designing.


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